NXT Technologies is a Layer 1 permissioned blockchain company that is creating a global decentralized validator node ecosystem that will be used for enterprise solutions, small business, WEB 3, and other projects that require on and off-chain validation or blockchain services. Our focus is to create a safe haven for both Investors and Entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs attempting to enter the blockchain industry face many undesirable risks. This further pushes enterprise solutions and mass adoption of blockchain away from the mainstream. The risks include imminent regulatory/law constraints, standardization frameworks, and general blockchain education. Furthermore, NXTChain is structurally built on Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger software, which is supported by industry giants such as IBM, Intel, and Samsung. This ensures that our Blockchain remains stable regardless of future laws put forward by the government or other regulating bodies. Additionally, there is an array of businesses already utilizing Hyperledger such as as Walmart and National banks. These enterprises adopting Hyperledger creates a standardization within the blockchain industry. We envision a powerful network of like-minded entrepreneurs creating an empowering environment in which new business and opportunities thrive.


Investors in the blockchain industry face an unprecedented level of malicious activity—whether it be fraud, scamming or "rug pulling". The fraud involves a developer enticing investors to a new cryptocurrency project, pulling out before the project is developed, while leaving investors with a worthless currency. The phrase “pulling the rug out” gives the scam its name. This action is harmful to a robust, healthy economy. To combat this issue, NXTChain proposes that new projects must be KYC, and a Governor Council vets new onboarding businesses ensuring that only premium-level projects launch on our platform. This will give NXTreme Nodes or NXT token holders a supplemental extra layer of security and peace of mind when investing with any project affiliated with NXT Technologies.